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PostSubject: DK Frost Tank   DK Frost Tank EmptyMon Aug 10, 2009 8:18 pm

Name: Martin What a Face


How long have you been playing wow: Since Patch 1.3- Vanilla.

Do you find yourself an active player:I play like 3-5 hours aday.

Name of char: Excezzum

Class and race: Human Death Knight

Specc you want to raid with: 15/51/5

your time played: 26 days overall. 21 days played at lvl 80.

armory profil :

Your Experience at end game raiding at 80: Naxx 10, OS 10/25, EoE 10, VoA 10/25 and first boss in Uldaur. The reason for not anymore experience from Ulduar is becouse I got hacked, and it tok Blizz two months to fix the problem, so since then I've just been farming and I joined up with my old guild to just hang out and talk. And now, I'm ready to do some 10m raiding again.

And before 80: ZG,MC,BWL,AQ 20, AQ 40 ( 3 bosses) Naxx ( 1 boss), Gruul, Magtheridon,Mount Hyjal(3 bosses) all of these on my Hunter though.

Why do you want to join Auri Sacra Fames: Couse I'm into 10m raiding, and I find it more fun to do it with 10m then with 25m.

Anything els you want to tell us?:
I've played with some of you guys before. The names I remember is: Llord, Lifestream, Randez and Azii(If that's the Fury warr? With the mad dps Smile Might more of you, but can't say for sure Embarassed

Looking forward to hear from you lads!
cheers Martin/Excezzum.
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DK Frost Tank
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